About Tag 44/24

Since 2007, we at Tag 44/24 have diligently worked on incubating a significant number projects, helping them be successful by providing infrastructure, frameworks, and specialty skills – all while remaining largely invisible to the user community. This allowed several projects to quickly start and grow and back-fill the Tag 44/24 provided services as the project matured. In 2017, spurned by our success, we decided to formalize the processes and technologies with the formation of the Tag 44/24 LLC.

What we do

While we can't brag with our size (although several of the projects we supported in the past have now surpassed the 100k user mark), we are very proud of the flexibility of services we offer. At the beginning we hosted our own infrastructure, but with the advent of ambiguous cloud services, we have almost fully transitioned to cloud providers, offering security, performance, and administration services on top of AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, and Microsoft Azure.


As a company focused on cloud computing, our team is proud of the fact our current 100% infrastructure-free policy not only covers IT resources but also real estate! While other business struggle maintaining communications and efficiency with a geographically diverse team, we have fully embraced the modern society and our team members work from home or enjoy the atmosphere of a co-working space.

Want to join us?

We always welcome new projects! If you think working with us could be mutually beneficial, let us know by submitting your project on our Contact Us page. It doesn't matter how long you've been working on your idea or if you have anything to show yet, we will consider any project purely based on how well we think we can help you achieve your goals! No commercial requests, please.